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The Monkey And The Plywood Violin

Sister Bluebird
6 December 1979
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I'm a freelance writer and illustrator, bunking in Milwaukee, WI. I work in just about every medium I can get my hands on, with varying degrees of success, and my big inspirations are the Northern Rennaissance, Pre-Raphaelites, and a number of modern digital artists. I also do medieval reenactment via the sca, sew, write occasionally, and make lots of varied things. My favorite color is really vibrant blue-violet, and I have a lot of rats.

You can see more art at http://gpalmer.deviantart.com
a mercenary bent, alternative construction, anachrotech, art, authorial conceit, bdsm, bisexuality, bones, bsffa, chaos, clockwork, cob, comparative religions, corsetry, corvids, costume research, cuddle piles, dance, dead things, decadence, discworld, dragons, drawing, dressing up, early modern europe, early modern germany, edward gorey, egg tempera, elaborate games of pretend, elaborate silliness, elfwood, experimental cooking, fabric, femi, feminism, fondling yarn, gaming, gears, geeks, gender identity, glam rock, goth, grammar-geeking, graphic novels, guerrilla carpentry, handicrafts, hedningarna, hideously expensive cheese, historic construction, historical clothing, illumination, intelligent people, intentional anachronism, intersectionality, isca lox, leather, lime plaster, loki, long hair, lopt's wife, mead, medieval dancing, more teeth, morrighan, muppets, mythology, neil gaiman, nudity, oblivion, occasional misanthropy, odin, painting, period fashion, polyamory, primitive electricity, principia discordia, puns, ragnarok, rats, reclaimed lumber, recreational reading, red-haired interlopers, reenacting, religion, renaissance costume, research, retrofuturism, roleplaying, salvaged buildings, sansara, science!, self-supporting bodices, setec astronomy, sewing, sexuality, sigyn, skeleton danse, society for creative anachronism, spectres, spiders, steampunk, straw bale, surrealist parlor games, sustainable housing, tanith lee, tarot, tpyos, trans*, undead friends, unusual vices, ursula vernon, vegetarianism, vermin, victoriana, voluptuous women, wit, wraith